Athletic Department Facilities

Cahoon Armory Building 
Godfrey Athletic Center  
NMMI Ballpark
NMMI Football Field
Gene Hardman Memorial Tennis Courts
Stapp Parade Field / Soccer Field
Golf Course
Outside Fitness Factory
Sports Medicine




Cahoon Armory Building

Front of the Cahoon Armory
The Cahoon Armory Building houses the gymnasium on campus used for most of the Colt and Bronco basketball and volleyball games. Many of the coaches' offices are here as well. The basement area features a well equipped workout facility.
Cahoon Gym
Cahoon Gymnasium
Gym with Volleyball Net
Cahoon Weight Room
Cahoon Weight Room
Weight Station, Plyo boxes
Godfrey Athletic Center (GAC)
Front of Godfrey Athletic Center
Front of the Godfrey Athletic Center

The Godfrey Athletic Center is the place to go for health and fitness. Click here for information of the GAC, including times open for public use.
Facilities include an indoor pool, 4 racquetball courts, 2 full size basketball courts, and an upstairs fitness room. 
The newly remodeled basement level is also the home of the Sports Medicine offices.

Godfrey Gym
Gymnasium in the GAC
GAC Gym during the 2008 Pentathlon Camp Fencing Competition
Gym transformed into a Fencing Arena
Godfrey Pool
GAC's Indoor Pool
GAC Pool
GAC Pool, opposite side 
GAC Pool
High and Low Diving Boards 
Glass Raquetball Court
4 Racquetball Courts
Interior - Racquetball Court
Interior - Racquetball Court
Upstairs Fitness Center
GAC Weight Room
Free Weights Area
GAC Weight Room
Hammer Strength - 8 Stations
GAC Weight Room
2 Free-motion Dual Cable Cross, and 14 Station Nautilus Circuit
GAC Weight Room
Ellipticals, Recumbents, Uprights, Treadmills, Rowing Machines, Steppers
GAC Weight Room
Medicine Ball Wall, and Movement Area
GAC Weight Room
Medicine Balls, Bosu, Stability Balls, Kettlebells, etc.
NMMI Ballpark

View from Main Street Bridge
Across main street to the east, the NMMI campus continues with J.P. White Field which contains 2 baseball fields, including the NMMI Ballpark where the Colts and Broncos play.

From Behind Home plate

All Turf Bullpens
NMMI Football Field

Bronco and Colt home football games are played in close proximity to the Saunders Barracks, also know as 'The Slab.' Sound echoes nicely between the buildings, with the only outlet being up or due north. Now pack that stadium with 900+ members of the Corps of Cadets and you'll see part of the reason why the Institute is so tough to defeat at home.
Football Field
View from SE Corner

NMMI Football field
Pre-game Corps Line-up

NMMI Football Field
View From 3rd Stoop/Press Area
NMMI Football Field Scorboard
Scoreboard at North End of Field
Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts
The Institute campus has 12 tennis courts, for use by both athletic teams and students.
Tennis Courts

TEnnis Courts

Stapp Parade Field / Soccer Field
Stapp Parade Field
The Stapp Parade Field, just north of the Cahoon Armory allows cadets to strut their stuff. The eastern-most part is also home field for the Colt boys' soccer team during the Fall semester.
Stapp Parade Field SoccerField
NMMI Golf Course
NMMI Golf Course Map
Full 18 Hole Golf Course
NMMI Golf Pro Shop
The Pro Shop at the NMMI Golf Course
Outside Fitness Factory (OFF)
Outside Fitness Factory, landscape view
The Outside Fitness Factory is a world class facility that accommodates the large volume demands of the Corps' Physical Development program, while providing unparalleled exercise variety. There may be as many as 700 cadets using the OFF at once during certain times of the year.
OFF Aerial View
View from the tower of Cahoon
OFF Multistation
Resistance bands at the multi-stations
OFF Tractor Tires
Old tires put to good use
OFF Bear Crawl Poles
Horizontal balance pole
OFF Platoon Trainer Gym
Platoon Trainer Multi-gym
OFF Medicine Ball Wall
Medicine ball wall

OFF Sandbag Weights
Sandbag weighted calisthenics

OFF Ironman relays
Ironman Relays
OFF Sandpit
Sandpit, for added resistance
Sports Medicine / Athletic Training Center
Some of the features of the Sports Medicine facility, located in the basement of the GAC, include a private examination room with state of the art diagnostic equipment, a patient reception area and staff offices.  New equipment upgrades include electrical stimulation machines, ultrasounds and laser therapy devices. Click here for more about the Sports Medicine Program here at NMMI.
Sports Medicine Facility Sports Medicine Facility
Sports Medicine Facility Sports Medicine Facility